Transform 's intellectual property development and commercialization enterprise


will be a champion for innovation and a leadership voice for entrepreneurialism in Alaska as the U.S. Arctic's entrepreneurial university. will support the development of social, cultural and technological entrepreneurs in partnership with local communities, and will foster local and scalable companies. will foster and cultivate its individuals to demonstrate, validate and execute high-caliber value propositions from university resources and, in conjunction with local partnerships, leverage its position to provide entry points for all levels of entrepreneurship. will maintain a strong online presence that highlight its innovation activities and entrepreneurship opportunities. This includes advocating an innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum for teaching educators, encouraging the development of research for commercialized as well as promoting ideation events, competitions, and opportunities.

will maintain a mentorship program where faculty work with junior faculty, postdocs and students on their entrepreneurial projects, and where they connect students to companies in Alaska and those wanting to come to Alaska. will continue its current ambassador program to represent the full breadth of its teaching, research, service and engagement. will develop transdisciplinary teams to build solutions to the challenges and needs of local communities and the state of Alaska as well as the Arctic and circumpolar North. will implement effective processes to transfer developed intellectual property from to the community to develop new economic opportunities.


  • Driver of Alaska's innovation economy and a leadership voice for U.S. Arctic innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Produce graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset and skilled in the processes of bringing research to commercialization and developing viable businesses
  • Deliver economic, societal, cultural and educational impact to the people of Fairbanks, the state of Alaska, and the circumpolar North
  • Develop and support an innovative culture of innovation and entrepreneurship on campus, and in the greater community through reciprocal partnerships
  • Provide the resources to foster creative, social and technological entrepreneurship
  • Build innovative communities to develop solutions to specific challenges and needs
  • Create opportunities to grow today's and tomorrow's innovators and entrepreneurs