Strategic Enrollment Planning (SEP)

Have a great idea that would improve enrollment, but need funds or support from leadership to make it happen? The SEP process is a way to achieve both and make change happen. SEP proposals are welcome and encouraged from all areas, groups and individuals at . There's a specific format to follow, and you'll be expected to show estimates on return, but no idea is too big — or too small!



Characteristics of a successful strategic enrollment plan

Characteristics of a strategic enrollment plan include:

  • Data-informed strategies, goals and objectives;
  • A solid resource/fiscal plan to support each strategy, goal and objective;
  • Accountability, to monitor progress (e.g., scorecards, dashboards, position responsibility);
  • The planning process and the results are more important than the plan itself;
  • Well-written summaries of the plan are more important than long, detailed, boring plans; and
  • Continuous evaluation and modification of the plan.



There are four phases of strategic enrollment planning:

  1. Data collection and analysis
  2. Strategy ideation and action plan development
  3. Goal setting
  4. Implementation and continuation

Progress so far

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Phase 1
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Data collection and analysis

Identify and educate participants on the strategic enrollment planning process and phases. Identify data collection needs. Steering and leadership committees determine key performance indicators, or KPIs, and planning assumptions. Create an in-depth situational analysis for each main area of focus.  

Phase 2
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Strategy ideation and action plan development

The situational analyses help identify emerging strategies with the best potential to optimize key performance indicators. Action plans are developed and strategies prioritized, based in part on return on investment.  

Phase 3
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Goal setting

Set goals for the project and finalize the written plan and enrollment projections. Identify resources required to refine, execute and continually revise the strategies.

Phase 4
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Implementation and continuation

Implementation. Establish scorecards for key performance indicators. Communicate the strategic enrollment plan to stakeholders. The leadership team oversees effective implementation, monitoring, evaluation, assessment and modification of the strategies.

Phases flowchart