CIS Academic Council

The Academic Council of CIS was created to provide academic oversight which will ensure that students have access to education that is responsive to community, program, and individual student needs.


CIS Department Chairs

CIS Department Chair/Co-Chair/Vice Chair CIS Course Designators
Alaska Native Language Center

Walkie Charles (chair)


Alaska Native Studies & Rural Development

Charleen Fisher (co-chair)

Catherine Brooks (co-chair)

ANS=Alaska Native Studies
RD=Rural Development

Center for Cross Cultural Studies

Sean Asikłuk Topkok (chair)


Community Based Science

Anshul Pandya (chair)

Brian Rasley (vice-chair)

ENVI = Environmental Studies
HLRM = High Lat Range Man
SCIA = Science Applications

Tribal Governance

Carrie Stevens (chair)

Kevin Illingworth (vice-chair)

TM = Tribal Management
CHP = Community Health
CTT = Construction Trades Tech.

Social and Human Development

Jacque Tagaban (chair)

Veronica Plumb (vice-chair)

ECE = Early Childhood Ed. ECE designator is shared between ECE and CDFS programs
HUMS = Human Services
RHS = Rural Human Services