Health and Safety

takes your student's safety seriously. On-campus medical services, counseling services, fire department and police services are just the start of our promise to you that we'll do everything in our power to keep your student safe at .


Care Team

Are you worried about how your student is doing? It's hard to be a supportive family member, especially if there's a great distance between you and .

The Care team is a group of staff and employees in different departments that can do non-emergency welfare checks, connect you or your student with resources (including mental health and medical resources) and help your student navigate college life when they're struggling.

You can even ask anonymously for a Care Team member to just check up on your student to make sure they are settling into their semester. There are all kinds of things that your student may need help with, and you may not know who to ask for help. The Care Team is a good place to start.

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Health and Counseling

The mission of the Student Health and Counseling Center is to help all students connect with resources to ensure their mental, physical and emotional health on campus.

Health and Counseling offers multiple services available on the Troth Yeddha' Fairbanks campus, including some basic medical care and counseling. Students pay a consolidated fee along with their tuition and fees every semester, which gives them access to the Health and Counseling Center. There are no office visit charges, but there may be fees for specific services.

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Campus Safety

is proud to keep the Troth Yeddha' Fairbanks campus a safe and secure place for every student. While most safety situations can be resolved without them, 's on-campus firefighters and police officers are always close to residence halls and ready to respond to any emergency.

The Police Department also provides many safety services, including police escorts, campus event security, vehicle unlocks, and jumpstarts.

For more information about safety, crime statistics and the Police Department, visit the Police website.

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Student Recreation Center

Has your student started to picture themselves hiking in the snow up in Alaska? How about climbing a man-made ice wall on their college campus? Whatever their activity goals may be, 's Student Recreation Center (SRC) has up-to-date equipment and expertise to support them.

The SRC provides 's campus community with the opportunities and facilities required to lead active, healthy lifestyles during the school year and over holiday breaks.

For more information on 's Outdoor Adventures program, dance and yoga classes, intramural sports teams, and extensive equipment rentals, visit the SRC website.

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