Catering and alcohol

Planning an event

Events, meetings and other functions (i.e., fundraiser, potlucks, bake sales, etc.) that provide food and/or beverage services must use Chartwells, dba Catering, or receive proper authorizations from Dining Services and Contract Operations. 

In addition, events held on campus that are opened to the public must receive approval from the events committee. Please submit the for review.

Find more event planning resources on the University Relations website.

Catering and food service on campus

Oversight responsibility for all food service on campus is through Dining Services and Contract Operations. Effective July 5, 2015, entered into a dining services contract with Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services, doing business at as Chartwells, Dining and Catering, to providing campus food services. 

campus catering and food service

Chartwells Catering offers simple to high-end customized catering with the added bonus of knowing the campus and facilities inside and out! Let us bring service, style and taste to your next event.

Are you on a limited budget? Contact our office to discuss customized options.

 at least two weeks in advance. If you are unable to provide 14 days notice or would like a customized order, please contact Chartwells Catering directly to discuss your event needs and place your order.

Contact information 

Kate Juneau, Chartwells Catering Manager
Office: 907-474-6820

Place orders online: 

Other food and beverage

(including grocery stores and donations)

Catering and food services that can be provided by Chartwells/ Catering at comparable pricing should be utilized.  A quote provided by Chartwells may be required prior to authorization for use of off campus vendor.

To use a vendor other than Chartwells Catering and/or provide store bought or donated items for your event a Food and Beverage Application (PDF) must be submitted for approval prior to the event. Send requests to at least two (2) weeks in advance to ensure time for processing. Please attach a menu or items for purchase and an estimate of cost from proposed vendor (i.e. outside caterer or grocery store, etc). 

Mobile food vendors (including food trucks) must be scheduled through the Dining and Contract Operations office at least two (2) weeks in advance.  Additional time will be required for mobile food vendors who have not been prequalified.

Contact information 

Dining and Contract Operations
Office: 907-474-6661

Procurement and pro card use

Procurement purchases

Use Vendor # is 31159449 for Compass Group USA Inc. and blanket purchase order BPC27065 for Chartwells Catering.

Please provide a valid call number, and ID (for pick up service) when paying for catering services to Chartwells with this blanket purchase order.

Pro card purchases

Representational allowance must completed on all food purchases with the pro card. Please see the  for more information.


Serving alcohol

The sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages is regulated by the state Alcohol & Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). University approval to serve alcohol at any event or event held at a facility must be obtained prior to the event through Dining Services and Contract Operations (DSCO), as the chancellor’s designee. DSCO will facilitate approvals by Police Department, Risk Management and the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities as necessary. In addition, a state alcohol permit is required at all events on university property. Individuals serving alcohol must comply with all AMCO laws and regulations.

University alcohol policy and procedures

allows alcohol beverage service at events on campus and university sponsored events off campus in a manner that is responsible and complies with Alaska state law. For complete information on the alcohol beverage policy, please reference the chancellor's policy on alcohol:


Policy highlights:

  • The event must be a private function (not open to the public) unless specifically approved by DSCO Contracts Manager (as Chancellor Designee).
  • Alcohol served at events on campus or at events located off campus must be limited to beer and wine.
  • Alcohol beverages must be served in a controlled environment and may not be removed from the room(s) or area(s) specified.
  • Hard alcohol of any kind is not permitted.
  • No individual use of alcoholic beverages is permitted in public areas of campus.
  • Neither alcohol nor its consumption can serve as the theme of an event, nor can any other aspect of the event encourage consumption.
  • Alcohol shall not be served at university function designated for students unless approved by the Center for Student Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Any event where alcoholic beverages are served must be held in accordance with applicable laws and must be approved in advance and in writing by DSCO Contracts Manager (as Chancellor Designee).
  • Event planners are responsible for the conduct of all persons present and for compliance with the policy; they agree not to consume alcohol during the event.
  • Identification check and serving of alcohol must be provided by individuals that hold an AMCO approved (i.e. TAP, TIPS etc.).
  • Alternative non-alcoholic beverages and food are required.


Process to request alcohol at campus events:

  •  must be completed.
  • Alcohol Beverage Application (PDF) must be submitted at least 28 days before the event.
    •  Attach a floor plan indicating layout of the location for the event including, exits, food service, bar, seating, etc. Additional floorplan requirements may be necessary.
    • At minimum, approval on this form are required by Risk Management and Chancellor (or designee).  Additional departmental approvals may be necessary in processing of this application.
  • – obtained from the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office (AMCO). Please review AMCO’s website for deadlines to submit. 
  • Approved Alcohol Beverage Application and state alcohol permit must be displayed at event.
  • All policies and procedures listed on the back of the application must be followed.