Digital Journalism

Bachelor's Degree Program

Speak truth to power, bring light to the facts and tell compelling stories as you earn your digital journalism degree from a personal, hands-on program. ’s digital journalism degree equips students with the broad skill set and real-world experiences valued in today’s newsrooms and digital outlets.

Work alongside faculty with journalistic experience on specialized projects. Access several laboratory facilities, including a digital newsroom, audio and video bays and an advanced video editing/digital printing lab. Gain career experience working on and off campus through student publications and a required professional media internship.

You’ll graduate as a versatile, high-demand candidate in a growing field.

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Why Study Digital Journalism at ?

As a digital journalism major at the , you’ll determine your personal course of study and learn from professors who have worked with major media companies. Access industry leading labs and editing facilities. Receive résumé-boosting experience with professional internships and campus media outlets. Graduate prepared for a variety of careers in the growing field of digital media. Here are more reasons to earn your bachelor’s in digital journalism at .

Gain experience as a working journalist

Take your digital journalism education beyond the classroom working in media on and off campus. On campus, experiences include KUAC, a public television and radio station; KSUA, the student-owned FM radio station; the Sun Star, the student-run news site; and Extreme Alaska, our award-winning magazine.

Complete your required internship at a variety of radio and television stations, newspapers and other media-related businesses and organizations in and out of Alaska.

Learn from the professionals

Our professors have years of experience in professional reporting, writing, photography, video and audio. Collaborate with faculty members who have worked for The New York Times, Newsweek, the Washington Post, public radio and local Fairbanks television stations.

Work in real media environments

At , our classrooms are newsrooms. We have several state-of-the-art facilities to help you develop your skills, including a multimedia lab, a digital photography lab, a digital audio production lab, two darkroom photography labs and a photography studio. Our cameras and editing facilities are better than those of many local news outlets.

Graduate as a sought-after candidate in a growing field

The bachelor’s in digital journalism prepares you to enter the burgeoning field of digital media. Our graduates work as professional journalists in Alaska and across the country. You can find them dominating Alaska’s news media and contributing to large outlets, from CNN to Reuters.


What Can You Do With Your Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Journalism?

Digital journalism majors are prepared for careers as reporters, broadcasters, editors, photojournalists and other positions in the burgeoning field of digital media.  




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